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Our sessions are 8 week programs that use running and physical fitness as a tool to build confidence and a powerful mindset and in an innovative way.

Most kids programs do not utilize this approach to foment confidence.

That is why our program is so powerful and fun.

It is for kids of all fitness levels, usually grouped by age levels.

Sessions last about an hour.  Our goal is for children to leave our program both sweaty and smiling, and most importantly, with a lesson of being confident

Early Bird 8 Sessions on   $120 (after June 14 $180)

        4:00pm - 5:00pm

Session I - June 27 - August 15

Meet once a week every Tuesday -

Parents are welcome to stay on site or come back before class ends

Family Run - August 27


Growth Mindset Workshop

Stay tune

June 14 2023


Run Club Sample Class

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