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Empowerment for Every Child 
|  Ages 5 - 9 |

I am Strong

I am Powerful

I am Brave

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The Knight Runners empowers children through running. We transform traditional running drills and games to teach our eight core empowerment principles.
These are:

Class 1: Power Words – How we talk about ourselves define who we are
Class 2: Positive Thoughts – We are what we think we are
Class 3: Aggressive Goals – We dare to believe anything is possible
Class 4: Personal Resilience – Setbacks are welcomed as an opportunity to grow
Class 5: Teamwork – We can do together what we cannot do alone
Class 6: Individual Integrity – We do the right thing even when no one is watching       Class 7: Community Vision – Our actions affects our community
Class 8: New Beginnings – A finish line is just the beginning of a new journey

On your mark, get shoes.... RUN!!!

We are kid's run club with trained coaches that will help your child be equipped with the Knight Armor and tools focused on a Growth Mindset

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Children's Race
Empower kids life with the right core principles using specific tools for their future. 
Challenging and growing kidsmindset in a natural environment while having fun!



Meet me if you haven't yet


Howdy! I am Susana lol pink muscle shirt and gray headband. This was a picture with Chalene Johnson a memorable and pushing hard and strong event! Welcome! :)

Staying fit may sometimes be not so easy but as a community we can do it together. As mom we understand how important our health is for us and our family. The Knight Runners was built in that same mission. Running club and empowerment all in one spot. You can join us and have fun with us while your kids are learning also or you can take a break and take a breather. Families are vital for our community. As your kids are a member of The Knight Runners we will have also have family days for the whole family to join in doing fun activities. 

Why is running important at early age?

That is a great question to ask. Doing some research I've discovered a lot more of benefits from building a strong active foundation into our kids. We have combined running and empowerment because we use running as a tool to show how what we think and how we act affects us in different ways. 

We are a community and a team

Our individual efforts help our community grow and our team to become stronger.

Kids with Capes

We belive we earn a price for our work

Motivation for life - There is a superpower in us

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